The Box (Perfect Stars)

I’ve been told many many times, no matter what subject I’m studying or project I’m working on to “think outside the box” but, to be honest I feel like I’ve never really explored the box yet. I like lots of things, but I don’t really ever have to think about why it is that I like them, so I’m going to do a few posts about what things I like anyway. To warm up.

The comics on the Perfect Stars site are my current favourites, although the it does seem to have stopped (or paused) updating, the archive is a psychedelic rainbow drenched collection of different story-lines or themes  with a whimsical, offbeat sense of humour  and surprising wit and at times even (well almost) wisdom. Unlikely melodrama is created by the trivial and the dramatic is dismissed as trivial by the characters.

Why should I be wondering how you would look in black velvet and yellow? In orange and green? I who cannot remember whether it was a dash of blue or a whirr of red under your willow throat... Why do I wonder how you would look in hummingbird feathers?

The main reason that this collection of comics has made such a big impression on me is the artwork. The intense colours, often overlapping images and text and overall home-made aesthetic (even the banner and navigation buttons seem cut out of paper and scrap booked onto the website) all appeal to me. I feel like every page was made, if not with precision, certainly with love.

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