Ok so tried to make a manifesto for my comics practice- but I really struggled with it and don’t know if the end result was what we were meant to do =S

But here- have a read anyway!

Comics Manifesto 2010


It is not worth spending time and energy being pedantic about the “correct” use of labels describing the individual formats in which modes of graphic storytelling are found. Comics? Graphic novels? Cartoons? All fine so long as we know roughly what we’re discussing. Any creator has the right to label their own work and any critic has the right to query that label.

The above also applies to the creator’s job description. Illustrator, comicker, artist, storyteller, graphic novelist or any other term deemed to portray the creator’s role with a small amount of accuracy.


Comics are for everyone. Any potential audience currently being ignored by the comics industry, should be catered for; regardless of age, cultural heritage, social background, gender and sexual orientation. This includes groups that are widely assumed to be well supplied with good comics- such as children- but in reality have few accessible and suitable choices.

An important factor in making this possible is including realistic (according to the tone and setting of the story) diverse casts of characters. Modern family structures should be observed and included as the norm that they now are (and certainly shouldn’t paint all step-parents as evil).

Those new to comics should be welcomed with open arms and not made to feel that it’s too late for them to join in.


Entertainment is the main objective of a fictional comic. What’s the point of anything ever being boring?

Comics shouldn’t lie to the reader. They should entice them to another place and involve them emotionally and intellectually in a story. But they shouldn’t lie; heroes shouldn’t win every battle and not every relationship is “true love”.

Not all tales need a moral. Morals are allowed.


Successful comics are generally accompanied by frivolous merchandising. Creators should only take part in such supplementary activities if they are well informed about and agree with the method of production, safety and quality of the merchandise according to their own ethics. The objects must also be very beautiful.

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