The Role of the Designer (Part 2)

So now that I’ve done a lot of hardcore thinking about the whole “role of the designer” issue, it’s time to start coming to a few conclusions. Designers:

  • Grab your attention! They make the world look beautiful by filling it with slinky bits of detail and decoration. What would be the point of posters if we never registered that they were any different from the wall?
  • Go unnoticed… bad design is far easier to spot than good design, so many well designed touches (especially within technology) often completely pass us by. A subtle and effective part of designers as problem solvers.
  • Inspire! Inspire you to buy into a brand? Possibly. Or an ideal? Also possibly. But in my opinion the most important thing design does is inspire more design.

It seems to me that like all living creatures, the designer exists for a simple reason; to make more designers. Style, media, technique and subject all evolve, but there are threads of inspiration which join different designers together- even outside of their own movements or disciplines. Unless you are raised in total darkness and isolation- everything you create is influenced by the things you have seen and absorbed from the world around you.

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