Role of the Designer (Part 3)

So after having come to the conclusion that at it’s most basic, the role of the designer is to inspire, I decided that I would like my final piece to demonstrate the way that inspiration links artists/designers together. For example one artist may paint and object, then two others might see that painting and create their own works based on that inspiration (but interpret it in entirely different ways). Then a chain begins to form as more artists are inspired by these new ideas and all sorts of different approaches to the same subject begin to emerge. In theory (as it seems to me) this chain is infinite so long as people are able to come up with new ideas.

To communicate this idea (which I’ve found tricky to do so concisely in text) in my final piece I am going to use a flow chart, because the structure is clear and easy to understand. It also represents the concept of “branching out” visually in a very tidy way.

At first I considered creating this idea using edited photos, mainly because a photo could easily be used to represent reality (the original natural object from which all these ideas stem), but now I have decided that individual drawings will be more effective because I will have the benefit of being able to use different media.

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