Why am I obsessed with Hello Kitty?

Today I was idly thinking about posting something on the topic of what’s “inside my box” and came to the conclusion that my obsession with Hello Kitty should be analysed in some sort of scientific/ symbolic way. Because it isn’t just me, it’s thousands of people (don’t forget squealing (pre)teenage girls are people too!) all over the world.. and what’s so special about a little white cat without a mouth? (Other than being adorable of course!)

Obviously, I didn’t just plunge into this very deep topic all scatter-brained, I did my research first; there are remarkable number of Hello Kitty themed essays to be found flung out across the internet, unfortunately none that I came across were really all that good/useful. They were jokey and silly, which is of course fine by me, but surely such a successful global brand has been investigated? Maybe I will do this.

What is Hello Kitty?

Who is Hello Kitty?

Why is Hello Kitty?

Where is Hello Kitty?

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