“My Messy Life” A Comic about Depression

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d better see about sorting that out. My last post were some images from the four page comic I am currently working on. The story is very personal  to me as it is based on the experiences of two of my best friends (who the comic is dedicated to) although all of the characters are fictional. It hard for me to “enjoy” this project, but I think for myself at least, it has been incredibly worthwhile.

Depression affects more people than I ever realised. Allow me to quote one of the hundreds of  leaflets that I’ve collected from doctors waiting rooms and university corridors over the last two years:

“Depression affects one in three families in the UK” -Journeys.

Almost everybody comes into contact with someone suffering from depression or a similar mental health problem whether they know it or not. I personally had no idea what to do or how to react when I found out about my friends, I found a book called “I Had A Black Dog” very useful and that’s really the reason I feel that I should be using my comics to try and create an open dialogue about depression.

But now I’m not even sure that my comic does that, certainly not to the extent that I would like. For starters the word “depression” doesn’t even appear in my comic, and by limiting myself to only four pages (I felt that this was the most I could realistically manage for the deadline) massive areas of detail that I explored in my own sketch books seemed to go missing.

I’ll update again soon with the final comic so you can read it and judge for yourself.

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