I was expecting a lecture on sustainability be all about green issues and saving the Earth- using recycled  paper and vegetable inks- but it turned out that my definition  of  sustainability could be widened significantly to include all sorts of issues. Here are my notes, lovingly typed up.

What does “sustainability” mean for the arts?
How does it fit into the GRAND NARRATIVE?

“Art makes nothing happen.” Gary Hume

“Every human being is an artist.” Joseph Beuys

SUSTAINABILITY: developing that meets the needs of the present without comprimising the ability of future needs to be met.



  • Social Resources
  • Culture
  • Inclusiveness

Hollywood Vs DIY Culture

Hollywood= sustainable within itself, but impacts negatively upon the wider community.

Prosumers= where those consuming a media are also those producing it.

Greater value on design Vs Less need for professionals?

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