Comics in Education

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m very interested in the reading and making of comics in education. This is mainly because of passing the Shakespeare module of my English Lit. A level on the strength of having read the manga adaptation of Hamlet. I then decided that since this proved such an effective learning tool for me I turned Alphra Behn’s “The Rover”  into a comic and although it was mainly stick figures it helped me to remember the story and visualise the characters and the world it was set in better, as there was no film adaptation to watch.

Then last year illustrator Jim Medway came to our university and gave a really great talk about the various different things he did as an artist- one of them being going into schools to  run comics workshops. This idea really appealed to me- I don’t want to spend the whole rest of my life cooped up indoors drawing comics- just most of it! A few years ago I worked as a volunteer for Eden Community Outdoors doing drama and arts and crafts with children. It was very rewarding, but I think that making comics with children could be even better!

In researching for my dissertation I came across The Comic Book Project in the USA, and it blew my mind. The variety and scope of the different issues that kids wanted to raise and the level creativity of the many children involved is fantastic. I really hope that this project continues to run and reach more children.

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