Paul Gravett. So Much Awesome.

For the second day of Creative Futures Paul Gravett came to give a talk. I’d been super excited for this talk and am pleased to say that I was in no way disappointed! The talk was a fast paced tour of the comics industry and different things that were happening in mainstream and indie comics at the moment.

Part One: Discover the Wonderful World of Comics, Graphic Novels and Manga

Pez is made in Austria: FACT.

Comics are linked to many other creative industries:

  • Gaming
  • Film (Adaptations and Story boarding)- Tamara Drew/ Kick-Ass
  • Literature- Ian Rankin
  • Sculpture- Karrie Fransman

Comics provide the greatest level of autonomy and control (compared to other mediums).

Ways to get started:

  • Competitions
  • The Observer
  • Granta
  • Pickled Ink- Party Girls
  • Web Comics

Graphic Novels are comics you need a book mark for.


  • Rude Britannia (Comedy in Art)
  • Hyper Comics (Multipath stories and use of Gallery Space)
  • That’s Novel!


  • CAPE (Random House)- one of the biggest
  • Myriad Books- interested in social issues
  • DFC Library
  • Self Made Hero
  • Classical Comics

Self Publishing:

  • Solipsistic Pop
  • Philippa Rice- My Cardboard Life
  • Web comics
  • Tozo (The Public Servant)
  • Warren Ellis- Freak Angels

We don’t have to be 1-2-3-GAG-END.

Part 2: There’s a World of Comics Out There

Comics observe daily life better than anything else.

Comics are wide open! ANGOULEME ❤

We’re still inventing comics!

Comics aren’t all about the merchandise- children’s comics don’t need to be spin offs of television series or to promote movies.

Manga Sales

  • 6.7% Women’s Magazines
  • 8.8% Girls’ Magazines
  • Greatest number of female comic creators in Japan

Barefoot (1972)
Industrial/ Assembly line process used to create comics in Japan

Women in Comics

  • Charlotte Saloman
  • Marguerite Abouet
  • Amrita Patil
  • Srividya Natarajan- Bhimayana

At the end of the talk I was left feeling really optimistic and positive bout the future of comics and the possibilities ahead of me in a career in graphic story telling. Which was lovely! There’s so much doom and gloom related to employment and opportunities in the creative industries at the moment, it was heartening to hear somebody say that the small press industry is thriving and that the market in France (something I need to think more about) is in growth.

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