Daisy Dawes

Daisy Dawes; a woman with perhaps the single most perfect name for a children’s picture book author in world, was another speaker during creative futures week. She illustrated her books using photos of models which she’d made herself.

“You never know” is probably the main message that I took away from her talk, there’s no point in convincing yourself that things won’t work out without trying!

Here are my notes:

You will get many rejections- don’t be disheartened!
Publishers change what they want, so you may become in demand later.
Look for a publisher who suits you and do your research.
You probably won’t be able to pay the rent straight away.

  • Networking
  • Learn though experience
  • Immerse yourself in arts and culture
  • Do research

When approaching publishers make sure that you have:

  • CV
  • Profile
  • List of projects and links to work online
  • Manuscripts
  • Illustration
  • Portfolio
  • Sketches

Creative Block? Fix it!

  • Read books (including children’s books)
  • Watch movies
  • Visit galleries
  • Meet people- artists, writers, publishers, teachers
  • Meet CHILDREN- this is essential if you’re writing for them

Things you may encounter:

  • Not much you can do in terms of copyright protection
  • Events and promotion
  • Art classes, reading to children
  • Industry insight
  • Published work brings more work to you
  • Competition with mass marketed characters


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