Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean

This fairly short, but incredibly moving graphic novel written by Sarah Stewart Taylor and illustrated by Ben Towle recounts a chance meeting between a young girl and aspiring journalist Mary, and famous female pilot Miss Amelia Earhart herself. Told with strong words-to-picture balance and the constant lapping of the ocean waves on the shore setting a metronome pace for the story to build itself upon. Beautifully illustrated in simple lines and shades of blue, the book upholds a certain romantic melancholy- a profound feeling of wistfulness and longing. The story of Amelia Earhart that everybody knows is told from a new perspective and to great effect.

It’s very hard for me to say anything bad about this book.
I was very excited to come across this book in the midst of my Clockwork Express research- so many “biocomics” that I’ve come across seem to be lacking in terms of either artwork or narrative which tries to go beyond just the bare bone facts and involve emotions. (A problem very much present in my own Mary Shelley comic!)

For everything that I would like to say about this book said better by somebody else, check out this review at Deep Glamour.

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