Freemium Magazines

I have to admit to being very disappointed in the “freemium magazine” episode of The Apprentice. I’m not a regular viewer of the show at all, but after having more than one person tell me to watch it because it might be useful for me (Clockwork Express focus groups and pitching are nearer than I think!) I was amazed by the lack of imagination both teams showed in creating their project ideas and their total obliviousness to the wants and needs of their target audiences despite having focus groups. The “Lad’s Mag” group in particular entirely ignoring what their demographic asked for.

Pfft. Television.

Watch it here. 

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One thought on “Freemium Magazines

  1. SandySays1 on said:

    Hmmmm, My human says that an “expert” is anybody who THINKS he knows one more snipet than the rest of the pack. Hence the blind lead the blinder.

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