Does the Message Stand?

These videos have been around for a while, but I thought I’d put them up anyway as they’re a good starting point for debate. Not just about the evils of the media, the beauty industry, feminism’s perhaps lost place in the modern world; but also about the validity of a message depending on where it comes from.

These films were created by Dove, a company which sells skincare products. While there is some difference between their wares and those of make-up companies, they are still ultimately making these films to sell their products. While I would agree wholeheartedly with the surface message of these films- that the “beauty” we see in magazines and on television is not only false but damaging- the underlying purpose behind the message distorts the friendliness I feel toward that message. Part of me feels that “well at least the rest of the beauty industry was honest about its fakery”, which is a ridiculous conclusion to come to, because of course they weren’t,  they were telling me the fakery would make me feel and be better than I am.

“Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does.”

When I was a child it used to really bother me how long it took adults to fix things, and body image eroding media was one of those things. It was a topic for debate in our English lesson, we had an assembly about it, there were books in the library about it, there were reports on Blue Peter and NewsRound. Yet today, the issue not only persists, but seems to have become even more inflamed and toxic; young girls don’t only want to be thin, they also want to be sexy. I don’t understand (but at the same time do) how in the 20 years that I have walked the Earth, nothing has improved for anyone on this front.

This last video is a parody of the first.

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