The Massive Thought Bubble Post

Last weekend my time was very enjoyably consumed by attending both days of the Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds. This was my second time at Thought Bubble helping with the Glyndwr University table and very much confirmed for me that Britain’s biggest festival is also my favourite. Last year I was very nervous of talking to anybody and hadn’t produced any new work that I felt happy with, but the atmosphere was so friendly and there was so much to see that I still really enjoyed myself.

This year was a little different, actually being able to open up our newspaper ‘Defective Comics’ on my pages and say ‘This is what I’ve done!” was fantastic.

Although my last minute disasters with my home printer meant that I had none of my flyers, post cards or business cards that I’d spent the week making. Most of these were for Clockwork Express and She Inspired.

So let’s do a round up of all my purchases and finds from the convention:

Nicola Streeten: Billy, You & Me

If you didn’t buy this book, it’s imperative that you do. In a very personal work, Nicola Streeten recounts the death and mourning of her two year old son Billy with openness, clarity and an acute sense of our personal, social and cultural taboos surrounding death. Heartbreaking, yet often humorous; Billy, You & Me yet again proves that “just comics” are capable of handling distressing, complex and emotional subject matter with grace and dignity.

(I can’t tell you how gutted I am that I couldn’t find her table until Sunday and couldn’t get my book signed!)

Sally Jane Thompson: From Vol 1

I love this lady’s extremely feminine and beautiful art! Especially the mixed levels of realism that she uses though her comic; including sketches of strangers in airports, detailed drawings of landscapes and ‘cartoony’ comics panels. “From Vol 1” sees Thompson revisit her childhood home of South Africa and debate questions of culture and identity.

She was also selling Steampunk paperdolls! (I love paperdolls far too much for a young lady who is 21 and not 12.) More about her here

Team Girl Comics

Just from the name of this collective I knew of course I was going to like it! Throw in a Bunty tribute cover and I’m sold! (My sole reason for choosing volume 2 over the others) Team Girl Comics are created by a collective of girls and women from Edinburgh, making and self publishing their own zines. Funny and a touch darker than you might expect. Find out more about them here.

Witch! Witch! Press: What’s the Time Mrs Woolf? 

An extremely cute zine that I probably wouldn’t normally have bought, rather than being comics, this zine is made up of a series of adorable and interesting articles, interviews and how-to features. Created in response to the unbearable barrage of women’s magazines about diets and swimming costumes, What’s the Time Mrs Woolf is an enjoyable indie alternative.  I especially like the tracing paper cover, it looks so awesome I’m surprised I don’t see it more.

Sammy Borras: Best Day Ever

A really joyful story that reminds me of a Frank Turner gig me and my friend Ann went to in Preston in the snow. Overall Best Day Ever has funny writing, characters who remind me of most of the people I know (girls who play too much gameboy, guys who want to make zombie movies, people who wear hats shaped like animals etc) and bold, colourful artwork. And it came with stickers! Find more about Sammy Borras here.

Abigail Nottingham: Convo-quences

Ever run though the possible outcomes of your next sentence in your head before it all comes blurting out your mouth? If not, have no fear! Convo-quences is here! The “100% useful way to structure your daily interactions”!
This made me giggle from start to finish while I was reading it at the table, much to the delight of Convo-quences’ creator, Abigail Nottingham, who was lovely. Super cute illustrations and a fun and simple gag formula are a winner.

Wow this is taking a long time to write up! Hopefully I’ll do a part 2 tomorrow to include the stuff I’m missing! IT’S AFTER THREE AND I’M IN MY DRESSING GOWN STILL.

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3 thoughts on “The Massive Thought Bubble Post

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  2. Hello from What’s The Time Mrs. Woolf! Thank you for your lovely review of the ‘zine! We really appreciate it! Is it alright to link to it on our blog? (With a big thank-you!)


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