Business Cards

Business cards are something that I’ve needed to get together for a long time, but have put off time and again. Now I’ve been researching innovative and interesting business cards belonging to artists and designers and other businesses.

My favourites so far:

I adore these really clever cards for a beautician’s business that use hair grips to create the impression of hair, they’re very simple and well thought out. They’re also something that women are likely to keep in their handbags in case they need a spare hair pin! I think that designing business cards that people will want to keep is important if you don’t want your details to be thrown away.

These are also really unusual and clever, each “card” is printed on a piece of broken pottery. They’re certainly very memorable and quirky, but have the drawback that they probably won’t fit in the average person’s wallet.

This architects company has put it’s details onto lego bricks, which is a fun idea. Again, lego bricks are not the most wallet friendly or practical idea, but they are distinctive and really quite cute.

Another architects business card. This one is very structural, which reflects the business, and makes use of folding and cut-out, which seem to be quite popular when it comes to creative business cards. I also like the clean, non-cluttered look of this card, with very little text. I’m still not sure if that’s the effect that I would like for my own card.

This business card from Tangle Crafts is also an adorable tiny zine! I’d love to make a card like this, not only because it would demonstrate what exactly it is that I do (inside could be comics or writing from a paper) but also because I struggled to layout my postcard well, due to the size, and a business card is even smaller!

Lastly is this card for a t-shirt company which uses symbols from that laundry tag I always ignore in the back of my clothes and some stitching too. It’s another clean, simple design that’s will also stand out from ‘regular’ business cards.

Also, to justify my pinterest addiction, I’ve started a board for business card designs there.

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