Creative Futures 2012: Day 2 Part 2: Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards: Character Designs

Most of what Edwards covered in this talk was the process of an illustrated character making the transition to becoming a 3D toy or art object and “3D work used in an illustrative way”. This was really interesting for me as it ties in closely with what I’m planning to do with my current neg. 2 project.

Designing Toys for a Factory to Make

  • Working with toy makers (background check)
  • How much do you know about the factory that makes your toys?
  • Consider packaging design too
  • Prototyping and changes
  • Collaborate (Felt Mistress)
  • Ethics


  • Japan is considered the home of character design
  • Book “Konichiwa, Japan!”
  • Street Fashion Influence
  • Characters adapted to make a pattern for fabric

Other Tips

  • Don’t wait to be asked. 
  • Keep a sketchbook all the time
  • Set yourself goals; fill a sketch book, do a doodle a day etc.
  • Use blogs, websites and Twitter to get work

The project that  was of most interest to me was the window display for Selfridges in London made in collaboration with Felt Mistress. It made me think about the level of detail and back story that you can put into any character or scene. It is actually limitless! 

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