Comics Rock! Comics in Education (International Comics Conference Bournemouth)

On Thursday I was in Bournemouth for the ‘Comics in Education’ part of the two day Comics Rock conference organised by Studies in Comics and Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (day two was ‘Comics and Multi-Modal Adaptation’ which I sadly had to miss). I was there not only to drink up lots of comics scholarship goodness, but to actually present my on paper too! I presented a sort of cut-and-paste version of theory from my dissertation ‘Why Girls Need Comics and Why Comics Need Girls’ and a summary of the development of Clockwork Express magazine and explanation of the She Inspired project. If you’re interested, Why Girls Need Comics.

I was also a nervous wreck. I’d always thought myself ok at presentations; but there’s a world of difference between a group of tutors and students that I know and a group of academics that I don’t. While stood up in front of everyone I forgot both how to read and speak (and didn’t help myself by forgetting my coloured overlay which made my notes very tricky for me to see). Excuses aside; nobody really seemed to mind and everybody was very very nice to me. I really appreciated how many people made the effort to let me afterwards that they’d enjoyed my talk and supported what the project was trying to do. You guys are lovely!

The biggest surprise for me was how many people wanted to buy copies of the magazine; I brought six copies with me, mainly so that they could be passed around and read if anyone was interested. All of them were sold within about thirty seconds of the questions being over! If you would still like to buy a copy I’m working on having them for sale online asap and will let you know when that comes about via twitter.

Tomorrow I’ll post about the talks by other talented people that I found interesting and enjoyed. See you then!

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