Clockwork Express

I’m one of the creators of Clockwork Express (along with Charlie Shepherd and Taryn Whittam); a comics-based girls’ magazine currently being piloted in schools as part of She Inspired, a project supported by Arts Council Wales and Techniquest Glyndwr.

Clockwork Express promotes strong female role models and aims to provide girls aged 8-12 with an alternative to current preteen magazines that focus on pop music, celebrity gossip, fashion and boys.

The comic stories recount the adventures of Professor Lilian Primrose; an archaeologist, museum curator and time traveler along with her trusty sidekick, the curious clockwork canary Tweet. As Lilian and Tweet voyage though the time, they meet famous women from history, learn about their achievements and struggles and – of course – have lots of fun!

For more information e-mail: or follow @sheinspired on twitter.


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